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RightGift’s FREE software allows nonprofits to easily create, share and fulfill wish lists of needed items. RightGift makes in-kind donations easier and helps nonprofits get what they need most, when they need it.
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Reduces effort and waste of in-kind giving

RightGift wish lists allow nonprofits to share specific needs and enables charitable givers to support them by ordering online.
Because 100% of the items donated through RightGift are brand new there's no sorting required or unusable items resulting like with typical in-kind donations.

Built for nonprofits

Nonprofit specific wish list features like priority need flagging, the ability to describe how item donations will be used, how many lives donations will impact and item categorization.


Free to use

RightGift generates revenue by connecting retailers to buyers, meaning that each time a charitable giver buys an item for your nonprofit it helps make RightGift free to use.

Connects you to givers

RightGift’s platform facilitates personalized thank you’s, tax receipts and serves as a hub for discovery and fulfillment of item needs by a new stream of givers.