Help nonprofits you know get the in-kind donations they need.

RightGift’s Field Representative Program enables you to introduce RightGift wish lists to the nonprofits you know and love as well as businesses who support them.
RightGift is free to nonprofits, businesses and givers to use. 
RightGift receives retailer commissions on donations. We share those commissions with you for any nonprofit or business you sign up.
Contact RightGift to become an approved Field Representative.

Reduces effort and waste of in-kind giving

RightGift wish lists allow nonprofits to share specific needs and enables socially responsible businesses and charitable givers to support them by ordering online.
Because 100% of the items donated through RightGift are brand new there's no time consuming sorting required or unusable items.

Inform Your Network

Tell nonprofits and businesses you know about RightGift. They can then publish wish lists and start to receive items from givers.


Get Paid For Your Network

RightGift is paid a commission by the retailers when an item is purchased. We share this commission with you for nonprofits and businesses you signed up on RightGift. 

Increase Giving

With your help and network of nonprofits and businesses, we can increase in-kind donation giving together.